Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Journalist's Albatros

A radio journalist in Niger Republic, Moussa Kaka, who was arrested over alleged contacts with Tuareg rebels in the north of the country has been released on bail.

Moussa Kaka, who is a reporter for Radio France International, had been held for more than a year.

Mr Kaka's lawyer said the appeals court had ordered him provisionally freed ahead of a trial by another court in the capital, Niamey.

Mr Kaka was arrested for speaking with rebels by telephone.

He was accused of undermining state security but last month the charge was downgraded to "actions liable to harm national defence".

Tuareg rebels have been fighting government troops in northern Niger, saying they want more autonomy and a fairer share of wealth.

Journalists have been banned from travelling to the north.

This is really a source of concern for journalists like me who have to keep close tabs on rebel leaders through telephones for breaking news.

Hope this law is not applied in Nigeria...i hope the passage of the FOI bill here will take care of this challenge.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Religious Fatwa on Rivers Television Journalist

I was disturbed over the reported religious fatwa declared on a journalist with Rivers State television for airing a documentary which allegedly potrayed a pentecostal church in bad light.
I wish this can be resolved and the Nigeria Union of Journalist moves in swiftly to protect the journalist from her present emotional trauma.
I have re-produced her petition to the Nigeria police and death threats.

Rivers State Television,
Elelenwo Complex,
Port Harcourt,
2nd October, 2008.

The Director
State Security Service.
Rivers State


A Case of death Threat by Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries and his Congregation

I am compelled to bring to your knowledge the recent death threat made on my person by Pastor David Ibiyeomie of the Salvation Ministries Port Harcourt and his congregation. My name is Mrs Ibiene Rowland Ogundu and I work with the Rivers State Television as a reporter, Producer and presenter of programmes in the Current Affairs Division.

On the 27th of September 2008, at 10pm the Station aired a special report, a documentary of one hour duration which I jointly produced with my crew. The title of the episode was “PROSPERITY: Right Here, Right Now which was broadcast on the RSTV channel at 10pm.Shortly after the programme, I began receiving messages and calls in response to the programme, which was not unexpected.

However, at about 7.30 the following day being Sunday 28th of September I began receiving death threats from those who say they are loyalists and members of salvation ministries. Some of these members informed me through phone calls how their Pastor David Ibiyeomie had stood on the pulpit that morning and issued death threat and also mandated them to join forces with him to put an end to my life in what he describes as the misrepresentation of the church to the public.

To aid his members achieve his death plan for me, members told me he had given them my number and name by scrolling it across the giant screen on the altar for all to see, and copy in other to carry out their threats even when some of the members admit to being in the dark on the issues since they did not watch the said programme. The members also categorically said that Pastor David Ibiyeomie has also assured them that he will ensure that I do not live to see the end of October.

As at the time of writing this letter, the calls have not ceased as I have received over 2000 calls and death threats and countless text messages. The number and manner of these threats have become increasingly sickening. The threats are centred on my life and that of my family.

Sir, I am writing to appeal that you use your good office to protect my life and that of my family as well as look into this assassination threat by Pastor David Ibiyeomie, his allies and members of salvation ministries. I have had countless blackmail, insisting I go and apologize to Pastor David Ibiyeomie or ‘die’. Some others have passed their threats through families and friends claiming that David Ibiyeomie have vowed to kill me on or before October 31st 2008.

I also which to bring to your knowledge that the said programme which has given rise to this undue reactions has been a running programme on RSTV station, giving a deep and investigative insight into societal issues. As a professional of the Journalism profession and to the best of my ability wish to state here in that the said episode was a balanced report.

Nevertheless, while am about this I wish to say that under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria no one has the right to threaten my life or that of my family. I have only done my job as a journalist and therefore do not deserve to be blackmailed or threatened by those who claim to have absolute power to go against the constitution of the Country.

While I wait for your swift response and action on this death threat to me and my family, I sincerely thank you for your anticipated positive reaction to this petition.

Attached here -in are some of the transcribed text messages and phone numbers used in threatening my life by some members of the Salvation ministries carrying out the dictates of their General Overseer Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

Yours faithfully,
Ibiene Rowland Ogundu (Mrs.)

Text messages

It is so sweet 2 see u depart from dis world bcos ur obituary has just been announced. Gud bye. Salvatn Ministry member.


Ma Papa Pst David laid causes on u 4 wat u did wit our churchs name so u are a caused person by a man of God if u no wat is gd 4 u go ask God 4giveness bye.

U hv tuc d lion tail cuz by David Ibiyeomie.


What a great expository insight on d state of d church in Port Harcourt. D people are gullible and lazy, data why all dis occultic pple I wnt call dem pastor, takes advantage of them. I think d cure 2 all dis mess is dat we need more teaching churches were d word is taught. Keep d good wrk on Pastor biodun. 07028539526

For insulting Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Salvation Ministry you and ur family are cursed 4 dis day evil will be ur portion. 08067944194

B4 u die go 2 Salvation Ministries n ask 4giveness, u have broken d law.

Ibiene why did u allowed c be used by d devil? Do u tnk u can fight God? If God decided 2 fight u will u be able 2 stand? 0803313440

You want to fight God you are finished. 08039109328

Ebiyere: Ur mouth very dirt to talk about Salvation Ministry. Yet the curse of the Lord be upon ur life, ur husband, ur children and those that join on television programme yesterday are curse and u, Ebiyerei u are curse. Pastor David Ibiyeomie has curse u, and those that join u, ur husband children are curse. 08064742102

You who dare attack d church of God and His Servant, death sentence has been passed on u except God is not God, u will never live 2 see d end of 2008. 08032631560

Curse be upon ur marriage, upon ur life, upon ur finance, upon ur generation an upon ur relations 4 speaking evil against Gods Own Church an His servant u shall not have peace of mind in Jesus name amen 4 d Bible touch not my anointed an my prophet no harm. I am a member.

Cursed are u & everything about is 4 daring my Salvation Ministries and my Pastor’s image. Ur death is now. U big fool of RSTV. Great & complete fool. 0803890047.

If u know wat is gud 4 u u better go ask 4 4giveness if not u will not see nxt year dat means u go die oo u are curse my Salvation Ministry. 08038674337.

Ibiere Roland Ogwundy I’m glad 2 tell you that you’ve just signed your death warrant. 08074862520.

Ibene Roland Ogolo u are a dead person. 0806546397

If you like answer we the church have put a curse upon you and your family and R.ST.V and the people working with you the food you eat is curse, the water you drink is curse, the bed you sleep with your husband is curse, every thing that has to do with you is curse so no way of escape disaster is on your way now. May you rest in the pit digged for the wicked ones like you, don’t want to know your name anymore bcos you are consumed n to know your name anymore bcos you are consumed in Jesus name. Amen. 08033843230

U hv brot d judgement of God upon ur life. U did dt d day u did dt d day u decided 2 insult d apple of God’s eyws. U hv signed ur death sentences mark my word, I’ll deny myself sleep 2 see dt u ro am around Rivers State naked, u r cursed in Jesus name. Amen. 08066603427

Ibiyere Roland, if u like Pi cur cals or not but just knw tdat live less than 7days on earth, u will knw how powerful d God of David Ibiyeomie. Start countin ur life. 08036831861

Some text missing to be used by the devil 2 challenge the church of Jesus Christ. If u love ur life, go there and confess.

IB what put u into dis disgrace b/c of money. Sorry u are heading to destruction b/c of ur ignorance and at the same time loosing ur life. Nawaa for u bye. 08036663886

U and ur household will never find peace b/c u are curse in name of Jesus. Amen. 08033409620

Mrs Ibiene or whatever ur name is, g’ve u chosen 2 torch God’s Anoited? Who gave u d impetus 2 say dos nasty false things u said about Salvation Ministries Glories Chapel Home of Success? U knows what 4 what u’ve done D wrath of God in upon u & ur family including everyone who assisted u in carrying out dis evil activity of urs. I am so sorry 4 u bcos u will know no peace from today tilled day u will come cowling & begging 4forgiveness. 08073459946

You are very foolish

U are been cursed 2 day I pity u cos grave has been duged am sure u do not know those he know those he has cursed b4. foolish stupid good girl go n beg.

When d edge is broken d serpent bite for ever insulting Salvation Ministry every curse placed on u 2 day shall come 2 pass ur such a gisgushing frick IB. 07033532166
Speak no evil against a choosen. D cause datn upon u can only be broken if u wl go 2 d church kneel on d altar and as 4giveness. Be warned! 08070602641.

Are we complaining? I did u do that 2 our church? 08051276478.

Ibiene Rowland Ogundu read this Psalm 94:1 Judgment for going against. Psalm 105:15 as regards Pst Ibiyeomie. From member Salvation Ministries. 08080893632.

Are u Roynald, I have a word to tell u if u thoroughly love urself and u want to live in peace a better go now that is not let and apologize to Salvation Ministries because there are rely agree with u and let me give some small advise.

About the way you go about boldly say some stupid things about anointed man of God u better be careful what u say against man of God earlier u realize ur mistake the better for u. thank u. 08057296968

Together with your gang. 08032361119

You and your generation are cursed in Jesus name. Amen. 08032361119

This is just 2 inform u and ur gang dat ur falling has just started. 08035525382

Why do u allow urself 2 be used by devil 2 fight de church. 08063852209

Good morning Mrs. Ibiere. Pls I beg u 2 4get about everything u are doing dis morning and come down 2 d Salvation Ministry and plead Pastor David Ibieyomie for 4 forgiveness bcos the (cursed) u, ur family & any pastor who will pray 4 u under serious annoyance pls don’t ignore dis text. I am Mbakwe or Linus. 08077771784.

You who dare attack d church of God and His servant, a death sentence has been passed on u. Except God is not God u will never live 2 see d end of 2008. 08064742102.
You never know when your life in going down you have been cursed by Jehovah. 08056009667.

Re u aware that u nd ur family nd those who paid u 2 say negative things against the church of God. S.M u are under a curse try God. 08029178729

U want 2 no who us (David Ibieyeomie) n I nad al d world. Heaven and early have cus u and ur family. Thank God 4 cus.

Pls for God sake repent of what u presented on d air yesterday about Salvation Ministry before d wrath of God will visit. See d man of God 4 4giveness be4 the end of to day. God will lead u. 08052072806

May God proper u, may u succeed. now u’ve said Amen, then you are doomed cos u hate it. Since u ve open ur mouth 2 condem ur only broad who God is using mightily are condemned already. 08056449408.

Mary I hear is ur name u are a fool 2 step on a man of (God) cus u have been cursed 2dey u and ur family and all ur supporters. If God curses who can judge. 07032210059

Bible said torch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. All members of Glorious Chapel says bye to hell. 08077774464

It is so sweet 2 see u depart from dis world bcos ur obituary has just been announced. Gud bye. Salvation Ministry member. 08057880478.

4 attacking d church of Jesus Christ, u ve procured 4 urself n generation madness n untimely death bye bye to hell. 08037455089

Thursday, 2 October 2008

More Dependence or Happy Independence?

It's been long since i posted stuff here...forgive me.
I took time off to get married, reposition myself at work and tidy up some loose ends.
I feel good to be back doing what i know how to do best.
My imagination has continued to run wild given recent developments in our polity and i dont know where to start from.

Am most disturbed at the rate which Nigerians are 'crazily' looking for money.
Imagine this report i read in our Vanguard newspaper today...

"A Nigerian man suffered a heart attack after cocaine capsules burst in his stomach, forcing a plane flying from Senegal to Spain to make an emergency landing in Morocco, airport officials and police said yesterday.

The man had taken ill during the flight on Sunday with a “heart condition caused by a drug overdose,” airport authorities said, with police confirming that a subsequent X-ray had revealed 62 cocaine capsules inside his stomach — two of which were found to be empty".

Am as shocked as you too.
Hope to continue from here moro while hoping things improve after 48 years of running around.
Happy Independence or is it 'wish you more dependence?